Billiard software

Billiard software light control system shows how to manage pool hall bars, clubs, hotels.
Billiard software system guarantees security and instant accurately switching, reporting fund
You can add unlimited number of pool snooker tables, more clubs and clients join in one
Compatible with all Windows, set as administrator prevents changing the date and time

Recommended - full screen + sound

Conclusion !

This system saves you time and nerves also help you
to know everything about the club clients and worker
You will be able to manage the club from a distance
And to make reports on turnover and game time customer
All your customers would be surprised to receive an
individual client card with a separate tarrif and discount rate
Snooker system : mandatory for owners of billiard club

Challenge !

You have chance to start real time tournament
This section help you to challenge other club
Exactly we have chance to start massive
club challenge over the world with rankings
In this way you'l attract more customers and all
will be able to play tournaments singly or in team
All these clubs will provide a great reward